A fresh, totally new "Game-changing" way to better understand, demystify, and reduce the likelihood and negative impact of almost any type of risk.

Most investors get wise to risk only after the damage has been done. Savvy investors know that risk management is the whole game. Michael Carpenter’s superb new book, The Risk-Wise Investor, could save you much heartache, not to mention many dollars.”                                                      - Don Phillips,  Managing Director, Morningstar

This step-by-step, first-of-its-kind, breakthrough method demystifies & simplifies the needlessly complex, often intimidating and emotion charged topics of risk and risk management. The easy to use, and highly effective "Risk-Wise"® approach does so by introducing a powerful, user-friendly, and nontechnical way to address and "neutralize" almost any risk, based on first understanding the "true nature" of risk itself.

The "Risk-Wise"® method is based on first re-familiarizing  you with your very own, time-tested, ingrained and practical, everyday human “life-risk” management process. Then it guides you step-by-step through how to apply that very same reliable & well-tested method you've used throughout you life to better understand, manage, and even neutralize the diverse, and ever evolving risks of our rapidly changing, more unstable, complex, interconnected / interrelated, and increasingly less certain world.

  • The "Risk-Wise"® Investor shows you how to:

    • Use a new definition of “RISK” that empowers you, and makes managing almost any risk(s) much easier and more effective
    • Reduce the likelihood & impact of painful, negative surprises of all types
    • Convert risks that actually materialize from possible traumatic nightmares & disasters into mere inconveniences, and even potential opportunities
    • Quickly & easily determine which risks to avoid, which to accept and manage, and which risk to accept outright
    • Gain greater control over the risks you face, rather than have those risks control you
    • Use knowledge and understanding to "tilt" the risk/reward equation to your own, personal advantage
    • Reduce much of the fear & risk normally associated with risk management
    • Become a more confident, knowledgeable, ready-for-anything, "Risk-Wise" individual, business person, professional & investor