Michael Carpenter ~ Biography

Mike Carpenter is a senior investment industry executive, thought leader, consultant, speaker, and author of two books published globally by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., The “Risk-Wise”® Investor- How To Better Understand and Manage Risk, and  "The "Risk-Wise"® Risk Management Planning Process.

His “Risk-Wise® Method introduces a new, "game changing" user-friendly, holistic way investors, financial advisors, business people, boards, and individuals can demystify any risk, and reduce the likelihood and impact of painful, negative surprises of all types. Mike's proprietary "Risk-Wise"® Method can help anyone take greater control over the full range of risks they face, including both "external" & "internal" risks of all types, rather than have those risks control them.

For over  30 years, Mike has conducted hundreds of presentations, programs, national webinars, and educational workshops for investment professionals, business people, individual investors, and investment firms all around the country. He's also delivered special programs for investment industry professional associations including FPA, IMCA, NAPFA as well as custom investment industry programs on the campuses of Harvard, Columbia, Wharton and MIT.

Mike started his career as a successful financial advisor on the west coast, and advanced to regional and then national positions with PaineWebber in New York City. He was subsequently promoted to leading record-setting national distribution teams for John Hancock Funds, Transamerica, MFS Retirement Services, and Rydex Global Advisors, including conducting innovative advisor & investor educational programs nationwide. Mike then established his own Boston based strategy, marketing, sales, and “Risk-Wise® risk consulting, education, management, and planning firm in 2003.

Over the years, Mike's articles have also been published in numerous national investment industry publications, including InvestmentNews, The Journal of Financial Planning, The NAFA Advisor, IMCA, FA Magazine, and others.

Our "Passion & Mission"

Utilizing deep knowledge, true understanding, and thorough preparation to reduce the fear and the risk normally associated with Risk & Risk Management.
Helping people everywhere lower the likelihood & impact of the ever evolving risks, anxieties, uncertainties, and fears ...created by our rapidly changing, more and more complex, increasingly less certain, and more unpredictable world.


We're totally dedicated to "empowering people everywhere," to better understand, "demystify" and manage the critically important, yet needlessly complex and often intimidating subjects of risk & risk management, in a practical, user-friendly, non- technical, and effective way.

Using practical knowledge, deep understanding, and thorough, advanced preparation...We make it simpler and easier, for individuals, business people, financial advisors, professionals, boards, and investors worldwide to gain greater control over the full range of both "External" & "Internal" risks and uncertainties we all face, rather than have those risks control us.          Simply stated...it's the very core and foundation of everything we do.

   Risk is like fire. If controlled it will help you. If uncontrolled it will rise-up and destroy you.”     Theodore Roosevelt

We accomplish that objective by utilizing our very own "first-of-its-kind", proprietary, "break-through", non-technical, holistic “Risk-Wise”®Method.

This innovative, yet simple approach to reducing risk, and painful / costly negative surprises of all types is the basis for all our proprietary, game-changing content, methods & services. Those services include customized presentations, workshops, modular educational programs, marketing materials, consulting, individual  & group training, coaching, plus writings, and exclusive, easy to use " Risk-Wise"® risk management program implementation tools

Best of all, the "Risk-Wise"® process is just as effective in managing the risks faced by investment professionals, investors, business people, executives, investors, boards and for-profit, non- profit, and service enterprises of all sizes and types.

Each and everyone of its unique resources are designed to meet the enormous and growing, world-wide, unmet need of people everywhere to better understand, demystify, and manage the accelerating pace of worldwide change, and the instability, uncertainty, anxiety, and concerns about the wide range of external and internal risks & threats it generates.

It also easily overlays & enhances the effectiveness of risk management initiatives or tools you may already be using.

Utilizing the “Risk-Wise®Method also helps business people, executives, individuals, advisors and the clients they serve address risk in a "positive, proactive, empowering way," that helps reduce both the likelihood and impact of painful, negative surprises of all types.

It's a very effective way to "tilt" the normal risk/reward equation to your own personal advantage. Anyone who uses it will have a new, clearer, deeper understanding of the "true nature" of risk, how it works, and how to better manage risk(s) the many forms of both EXTERNAL & INTERNAL we face, rather than have those risk(s) control them.

Becomming "Risk-Wise"®will help you:

  • Utilize true knowledge, deep understanding, and thorough preparation to convert risks that actually occur from possible nightmares or costly negative surprises into only minor inconveniences, and/or even potential opportunities.
  • Better understand and more effectively manage the ever evolving risks you face in our rapidly changing, increasingly less certain world, rather than have those risks manage you.
  • Never look at risk and risk management quite the same way again.
  • Become a more knowledgeable, less emotional, more realistic & confident, ready-for-anything "Risk-Wise"® individual, investor, advisor and/or business person.

"When you change the way you look at things,      the things you look at change"                                                                            Max Planc, Nobel Lsuriate, Physics