What additional resources do you recommend to learn (or continue learning more) about "Risk" and real-world "Risk Management"?

What does the term "Risk-Wise"® actually mean? 

"Risk-Wise"® is the trademarked term we at "Risk-Wise"® originated to describe both the innate & acquired ability to judge risk/reward decisions most correctly....

1.) Following the soundest decision making process and course of action, based on...

2.) Broad knowledge, understanding, and experience (both our own, and what you've learned from others) dealing with the     relevant factors that need to be considered in each case, and

3.) Effectively preparing for risk(s) in advance.

These simple, nontechnical attributes are the foundation of the entire "Risk-Wise"® method....They're also the very same factors that have helped all of us effectively manage the "real-life" risks we face every single day. In fact, the more we know and understand about anything we deal with, the less fear, better decisions & fewer missteps we'll experience, and more successful we'll be.

What is a "Risk-Wise"® Investor?

Is the "Risk-Wise"® method useful beyond investing?

An enormous benefit and advantage of the "Risk-Wise"® method is its ability be used in better managing virtually any type of risk, including investing.

In fact, its the very same process we humans use in successfully managing the "everyday Life-Risks" we face so successfully. Although we've become so comfortable with it that its hard to describe, because we've almost fully internalized the process, and usually just use it automatically.

In addition, the steps involved in the "Risk-Wise"® method are virtually identical to the risk management steps used throughout:

1. The worldwide commercial airline industry, that make it the safest form of transportation known to man.

2. All branches of the armed services,

3. Police & public safety professionals,

4. Fire fighters

5. Physicians, and the entire healthcare field

6. Manned & unmanned space flight

7. Merchant shipping, diving

All these professional fields and the activities they all perform daily, all  deal with serious life threatening risks almost constantly. For them risk management isn't just an academic exercise, its deeply integrated into every single thing they do.

That very fact should give a great deal of comfort to anyone who's questioning the value of using the "Risk-Wise" method in their personal investing & retirement planning.

How Do I Know That the "Risk-Wise"® Method will work for me?